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Basic Information

Annual Volume: 9
Term of the Conference : October 12th – 14th, 2010

Title of the event:

 „Development of Energy Services and Effective Use of Renewable Energy Sources"

Conference Venue:
Hotel LUX Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Purpose and Objectives
The key question of next years in power industry will be firstly solution of energy security, diversification of energy sources, renewable energy sources use increasing and energy savings achieving. The accent is put on an economic and environmental friendly operation of energy facilities and sources together with regional and municipal power engineering development.
Slovakia economic growth and development depends mainly on regions development in coupling with optimal dislocation of energy sources, raw materials, water, food and processes improving environment accessibility.  It must act in cooperation with energy services provided by energy suppliers and specialized expert capacities. Therefore the Ninth International Conference „enef ‘10“ is focused on energy services development and effective use of renewable energy sources. This problem area along liberalized offer of energy goods creates the environment for more effective use of locally accessible energy sources, motivates authorities to energy savings activities and supports increasing of employment potential.
Our common goal is to achieve the competitive power engineering that secures sustainable, safe, reliable and effective offer of energy goods at reasonable prices with sufficient protection of consumer and environment to meet attributes of safety supply and technical security.
We believe that offer of the Conference organizers, partners and speakers will be motivational for all participants with its wide discussed topics.


State Regional and Municipal Authorities
Non Governmental Organizations
Energy Producers, Suppliers and Consumers
Energy Managers and Entrepreneurs
Energy Service Companies
Educational and Research Institutes
Owners and Administrators of Industrial, business and residential building

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