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Basic Information - ENEF 2020

Annual Volume: 14th
Term of the Conference: October 13 - 14, 2020

Conference Venue: Hotel DIXON****, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Title of the event:


The International Conference "enef" enters the 14th year. Within more than twenty years of history this energy efficiency conference has gained popularity in both broad professional as well as lay public and has a strong position on the Slovak market of energy-related conferences now. The two-year periodicity of the conference allows the participants to bring the latest information, trends,and knowledge from the field of energy efficiency, energy services, smart control systems and solutions as well as the use of renewable energy sources.
Also for this 14th "enef´20" conference the organizers have prepared an interesting and attractive program. The goal of the event is to provide conference participants with actual information that ensures efficient,m sustainable, reliable and safe energy infrastructure.


1.  Plenary Session
General Aspects of Energy Efficiency Increasing
Efficient Proposals and Solutions to Ensure Reliable Energy Conversion and Supply
Supporting Tools for Sustainable Energy Development

2.  Energy Intensity in Industry and Options of its Reduction
Energy Efficiency in Technological Processes
Efficient Heating of Industrial Buildings
Control Systems in Industrial Plants

3.  Energy Efficiency in Lighting
Energy Efficiency of Present and New Lighting Technologies
Parameters of Lighting Systems and their Metering after Project Implementation
Daylight Contributions to Efficient Interior Lighting

4.  Energy Services - Post Eurostat Period
Methodology for Development and Implementation of EPC Projects for the Public Sector and Model Contract
Initial Experience in Implementing the Methodology in Practice
Utilization of EPC in Complex Buildings refurbishment
Pilot Projects with New EPC Methodology

5.  Effective Industrial and Civil Buildings
Green Industrial, Municipal and Residential Buildings
Certification Systems for Quality Assessment and Sustainability of Buildings
Examples of Energy Efficient Buildings

6.  Alternative Transport Fuels
Present Situation and Strategy of Electromobility Development
Hydrogen - Prospective Fuel for Motor Vehicles
Economics and Future of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

7.  Alternative Sources of Raw Stocks and Fuels for Sustainable Energy Sector
Primary and Secondary Raw Stocks for Energy Sector with Low Carbon Footprint
New Technologies for Production of Progressive Fuels
Biocoal - Fuel for Sustainable Energy Sector

8.  Solar Energy and its Effective Use in Practice
Search for the Technical-Economic Optimum
Traditional and Non-Traditional Applications
Examples from Slovakia and Foreign Countries

The conference is intended for a wide range of participants:
Energy Producers, Suppliers and Consumers

Energy Managers and Entrepreneurs
Energy Service Companies
Design, Educational and Research Institutes
Representatives of State and Municipal Administration

Companies have the opportunity to present themselves in the form of exhibition exposition or exhibition desk. Contact Mr. Mesík (e-mail address below), please.

Chairman of Organizing Committee:
Miroslav Kučera, president ASENEM Bratislava
tel.: 00421 905 222 012
e-mail: kucera@zpoe.sk

Conference program responsibility:
Marian Rutšek, member of the board SK AEE Bratislava
tel.: 00421 905 509 302
e-mail: majorut@gmail.com

Conference organizing responsibility:
Ján Mesík, Ján Mesík - MEEN, s.r.o., Banská Bystrica
tel.: 00421 48 414 3356, 00421 903 560 342
e-mail: meen@meen.sk


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